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Thank you for helping us help moms and babies! Your generous donation will go towards securing our medical professionals, expanding our services, and building our All About Moms Care Center. Learn more about the All About Moms Center and donate directly to it by clicking here

Help Us Build The All About Moms Care Center!

A lot of new moms experience a breaking point. Whether it’s brought on by lack of sleep, an inability to properly breastfeed the baby, a frustration with the lack of support from the other parent, or a frustration with not being able to calm their crying baby. Unfortunately, moms are often shamed for asking for help or expressing their feelings of being overwhelmed. All about mom plans to open a 24-hour facility for moms in crisis to receive mental health support and help with baby care needs. This center will also have washing machines available as well as workout equipment and a small studio for various classes. The goal is to create a safe, clean space for moms to get the help they need and deserve.

Women coming in crisis will receive:

· Three nights for mom and baby to relax while trained professionals tend to the baby and an on-call therapist provides mom with counseling.

· A case worker will provide resources based on the client’s needs.

· A nurse will be there to care for the client.

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